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Club History

We have managed to find some additional history for the club.

16 interested members began the founding movements for establishment of the Ipswich & District Lapidary Club in 1965 in the National Hall in Booval. In 1968 the club rented rooms at Mary St, Blackstone and ,then, in 1973, the club rented, and re-located to the disused DANCE backery facility at 16 Thomas St Blackstone. The club was opened by J.A. Shapcott on 17.05.1968. The letterhead during the period whilst the club operated at this facility was known as, "The Bakery". The bakery, run by Dance's, on the present site, had become unsuitable for breadmaking because of ropiness in the bread and the pine-wood vats caused the bakery to close on that site. The bakery was built around 1890 from hand-made bricks with thumb marks of the makers:- what happened to the bricks when the current shed was built, no one knows.

The site, bakery (made from old convict brick) and the present house were purchased in 1973/1974 after fundraising using the ever popular lamington drives and garage sales and greatly supplemented by a financial bequest. A board of trustees were appointed as administrators to oversee the management of the Club's assets and facility. This management responsibility of the club assets and facility passed from the Board of Trustees to an elected Committee of Members in mid to late 1993. This committee is elected by the financial club members at the Annual General Meeting, usually held in September/October.

In 1993/94 the club became an" Incorporated" (Inc) Association.

 Due to size constraints and the fact that the brick bakery was a very hot place to operate, the present Titan shed was built to house an expanding club membership in 1988. It was officially opened in May 1992. The club's machinery is capable of supporting all aspects of the Lapidary hobby. In 2002, due to increasing demand and a lack of suitable findings for anything but standard shaped stones, the club purchased silversmithing tools and supplies with a grant from the Queensland Gaming Fund and with an educational grant from the Ipswich City Council, we managed to acquire a educator to teach us the finer points of the silversmith trade.

The covered portico was closed in to allow a meeting room to be used outdside the work area in  2005.

In 2008, the club applied for a grant to build a second Titan shed to act as a storage and work area for the ever expanding equipment needed to cope with our increased membership. As of this year we have about 87 members, (thankfully not all turn up at the same time).


Foundation Members
Executive P. Zupp Patron
L. George President
M. Poulton Secretary
Mrs M. Potts Treasurer
Members N. Potts L. Evans
O.K. Smith S. Fish
B. Spresser J. George
J. Spresser K.E. Hurley
A.L. Walker K.G. Hurley
P. Walker M. Love
C. Wright
Life Members
Maurice Poulton John Antal
John Scaroni Phillip Harlow-Lynch (2006)
Rod Livermore Brian Parker (2007)
Edward Burns Nes Hulbert (2008)
Val Ashe Harry Cutress (2009)
Harold Ashe Ronald Maguire (2010)
Noel Webb
Oliver Spencer
Irene George
Lloyd George
Club Contacts

Office Bearers 2017-18

President: Edward Stone 0490 448 646 Any of the Office Bearers
Vice President : Dragan Golic 0422 601 636 can be contacted by emailing them at
Secretary : Jasmine James Ipswich.lapidary@gmail.com
Treasurer : Shane O'Reilly
Workshop Manager:

Brian Parker

0411 275 592

 Postal Address


16 Thomas St



Webmaster Email: Send mail to webmaster@ipswich.lapidaryclub.com.au with questions or comments about this web site or use our Feedback form.




Fees have a $40.00 levy, which is refundable if the member attends 4 working bees (includes the Gem Show) each year. .

Membership Fee: $85.00 Family/Single.


Actual Fees(after attending 4 working bees) :$45.00. 


(With a view to safety for all members, the variety of machinery involved at the club it is not suitable for young children). 

Junior members must also have a family member in the Club, who also must be present at all times the junior member is.

Annual General Meeting: First Friday in October.

Annual membership due: 30th September

 Workshop Hours:

Wednesday 6.30 pm – 10.00pm - General  & Instructions/ 

Friday 6.30 pm – 10.00 pm - General & Instructions 

Workshop fees: $2.00 (adult), $1.00 (Junior), a work session, and some cutting and faceting fees apply.


The club is located at the back of the house at 16 Thomas St, Blackstone. Qld  (Though Google Maps says 21 Thomas st, the club is located down the driveway behind the cream house)


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